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Tired of struggling to finish an extreme (hard enduro) race? Want  to have an enjoyable ride at your own pace? Now it’s possible to choose exactly what you want to experience! Come with us in the hearth of Romania in Gheorgheni (Transylvania) for the ride of your life in the Carpathian mountain crests. The trails we made offer you the most beautiful  sceneries Mother Nature blessed Romania with. We guarantee you will enjoy the track and all the landscapes, mountains, rivers and creeks, finishing every day with a big smile on your face!

  • Registration Fee : 200 Euro
  • Assistantace package : 150 euro (including hotel, gas, and race assistance)
  • Bike transportation from Spain – France – Italy – Germany – Austria – Hungaria : 300 Euro (2 ways)
  • Race Licence from Romanian Federation : 5 Euro
  • Race ensurance : 22 Euro

Offroad day 1 (Straight Line)A 280 km enduro rally day (rally track) to ride as fast as the wind and also have so much joy!

Difficulty: The normal difficulty of a classic Enduro (not extreme) The only difficulty will be the rhythm that I will impose.

60% Single track

30% Forest road

10% Alpine meadow

Four Check-points will be available. In the case of fatigue, one can rejoint ciumanie from any checkpoint in maximum 30 km.

The timing will be done on the integrality of the track

Offroad day 2 (Meadway Peack)85 km of nice tracks with beautiful landscapes and for those who choose the hard way,there will be some strong extreme enduro tracks.

Midway peak, 2 and a half laps of a 35 km lap, which means 85 km.
1st lap double by every rider in the “expert category”. Estimated time of completion: 1:30-4 hours.
2nd lap, harder, the level gradually goes from expert to “kill me”. 4 checkpoints/ finishes. 35 kilometers. 2:40 – 6 hours.
Refuel at the start/final point.
3rd lap, “survival” for the best of the expert and kill me category. 4 checkpoints/finishes (8km)
Estimated time 1 to 6 hours, refuelling at the start/finish points. Finish line at the Belvedere in Midway Peak
The 3 laps are against the clock, the deadline being one hour after the arrival of the first rider, or at 6 PM, after which every checkpoint will turn in finish lines.

Offroad day 3 (Green Monster)140 km of main track and the way back will be 120 km long. But before that, riders who choose the hard way will ride 20 km on the Green Monster (an extreme track) and only after that the 120 km of gorgeous returning track to Ciumani, the main meeting place (basecamp).

Kill Me (Pro Riders Only):  Leave all hope when enter here…some may say. Choose this class if you are 100% sure you have what it takes to finish “the unfinishable”  extreme enduro track, with really difficult rough stony uphills and downhills. Basically, it’s “just” a pure PRO track no worries!


Expert Funride (Expert):  Common expert track that requires good physical condition (and also some psychical training) with fast sections, lots of fun and beautiful landscapes. You will have nice uphills and two times more downhills.


Team Expert Funride (Expert team):  In this class you and your best buddies will share the same track with the Single Joyriders but as a group, having twice as much fun, helping each other along the way. Maybe now it’s the perfect time to return the favor to one of them 😉


Route 66 (True Hobby):  This class requires at least 3 months of enduro riding experience. It is the perfect opportunity for those who want to experience a rally the easy way, for beginners. If you want to ride all the day long with a big smile on your face, then we assure you not only that you will reach the finish line, but also that you will be suitable to perform in a toothpaste commercial at the end of the day! J  The track consists mainly of forest paths, easy uphills and down hills that will enjoy for sure. You will ride very much on top of the mountains looking at the very best of the Romanian mountains.

Recomended Garmin GPS

You can choose any GPS from the list below but we prefer those GPS which have USB connector. In these cases we can upload the daily track you should follow.

Colorado Series:

  • Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i,
    Colorado 400t

Dakota Series:

  • Dakota 10, Dakota 20

eTrex Series:

  • eTrex 10, eTrex 20, eTrex 30
  • eTrex Legend C, eTrex Legend CX, eTrex Legend H, eTrex Legend HCX
  • eTrex Summit HC
  • eTrex Venture CX, eTrex Venture HC
  • eTrex Vista C, eTrex Vista CX, eTrex Vista H, eTrex Vista HCX

Foretrex Series:

  • Foretrex 101, Foretrex 201, Foretrex 301, Foretrex 401

Geko Series:

  • Geko 201, Geko 301

GPS Series:

  • GPS 60

GPSMap Series:

  • GPSMap 60, GPSMap 60 C, GPSMap 60 CSX, GPSMap 60 CX
    GPSMap 62, GPSMap 62 S, GPSMap 62 SC, GPSMap 62 ST
    GPSMap 62 STC, GPSMap 64 S, GPSMap 64ST
    GPSMap 76 C, GPSMap 76 CS, GPSMap 76 CSX, GPSMap 76 CX
    GPSMap 78, GPSMap 78 S, GPSMap 78 SC
    GPSMap 276 C, GPSMap 376 C, GPSMap 378, GPSMap 478

Montana Series:

  • Montana 600, Montana 650, Montana 650 T

Monterra Series:

Nüvi Series:

  • Nüvi 500, Nüvi 550

Oregon Series:

  • Oregon 200, Oregon 300, Oregon 400 C, Oregon 400 i
    Oregon 450, Oregon 450 T, Oregon 550,  Oregon 550 T
    Oregon 600

Rino Series:

  • Rino 520, Rino 530, Rino 610, Rino 650, Rino 520 HCX, Rino 530 HCX, Rino 655 T

Zumo Series:

  • Zumo 220, Zumo 550, Zumo 660, Zumo 665

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